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We have arrived in Santiago safe and well and also had the added bonus of our luggage doing the same. The flight was typical long distance travel - crying kid, questionable food, rubbish movies and also broken air conditioning. The first 6 hours of the flight were sweltering. However, with all the slagging we heard about poor old Aerolinieas, we were just glad to be on the ground!

We arrived in Santiago around 10 at night, taxied to the hostel and had a few beers at the hostel to toast our arrival and meet the other guests.

The first day we did a walk around town, following a map of places to see in the Lonely Planet which was pretty good fun. Checked out some markets (like Victoria Park markets), walked up a lookout, few museums, the old presidential palace, parks etc. We then went to Barrio Bellavista for drinks and dinner which was an experience with the street buskers etc.

The second day we did a free guided tour. It crossed over with a lot we saw the day before but the guy gave a lot of the history of the buildings which was great, given Chile has a colourful past. First setback of the tour though with Bridgette having to pull an emergency exit from the guided tour with a case of the ¨torrentials¨. Thankfully, with a bit of R & R she was back on board for the afternoon, a bit worse for wear, but campaigning hard none the less.

In the afternoon we walked up San Christobel which was great, until we tried to walk down and come out in a trendy night spot, only to look down and realise we were going to come out in a shanty town! So we u-turned and took the safe option.

Had dinner in Providencia which was nice, then taxied home and had our last night at the hostel.

Overall, Santiago was a pretty cool place, but we did well to see all the sights in 2 days. I do not think we needed any longer.

Also special mention to Bridgette who did truck on, despite her initial ¨set back¨.

Next stop, Mendoza.

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It all begins...

All packed up and getting ready for airport.

Just a quick note that the dates on my map are rough/incorrect since we are pretty fluid and you need to put dates in to use the map. I have thrown down some arbitrary dates and will update them as I go.

The entries will get more exciting than this, I promise.

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